Ski Boot Fitting Service - Footbeds

Inner soles and heated inner soles

In almost all cases we recommend fitting a footbed / custom insole. The insoles that come with most ski and snowboard boots offer minimal support and none are custom moulded to your feet. We believe that a correctly fitted footbed will improve the fit and comfort of your ski boots.

Why do I need them?

In short - to improve support and comfort. By distributing pressure more evenly over the entire foot they provide support, alleviate pressure points and give you better control. This can help with problems such as cold toes, arch and forefoot cramps and pain in the ball of the foot. They can also align you better helping you gain a more neutral position. They provide cushioning / dampening whilst crossing a variety of terrain.

Footbed options

We offer various footbed options. We will assess your feet and arch height and recommend an appropriate footbed. This might be an off-the shelf, pre-shaped footbed, which can work well when the arch height aligns correctly with your arches giving you enough support, or a custom-moulded footbed that is completely tailored to your feet only.

We will examine and can use our podoscope to help identify your arch type and the best footbed for you. Low, medium and high arches (see the Sidas 3 feet image).and of course there are variations in-between. We stock insoles designed to work with the different foot types giving support and alleviating and helping to prevent the problems that can arise.

Sidas - 3 feet types

Our range of Sidas inner soles includes:

  • Winter + 3D insoles - custom mould
    Winter + 3D insoles are specifically designed for optimum comfort when skiing. To prevent fatigue, give foot support and prevent overheating, protection against injury and stability and edge control. 100% customisable in-store.
  • Winter 3 feet - LOW, MID and HIGH arches
    These insoles provide optimum foot comfort and support. An aluminium film on the forefoot improves insulation against the cold. At the heel, a gel pad provides perfect cushioning. Choose the inner sole that fits to your arch type (high, medium or low).

and other ready to fit accessories are also available.


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