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Turtle fur® has been producing soft fleece accessories since 1982, when Millie Merrill founded Turtle Fur®. It left its mark on winter sports with the invention of the first fleece neck warmer. Affectionately dubbed The Turtle's Neck. It was a design shift in winter accessories that proves successful to this day.

"The invention of the Original Turtle's Neck freed once scarf-bound skiers from their tangled and burdensome accessories."

Still going strong today the Turtle fur accessories are a sought after product because of the quality of the product, the softness of the fleece, a reliable accessory time and again.

Their mission is to create the best headwear and outdoor gear you can buy. They pride themselves on holding to their roots of quality, comfort, creativity, and community ...all while having fun. Because of their location just North of Stowe, in the shadows of Vermont’s highest peak, Mount Mansfield, they know tough weather. By creating comfortable, quality products, they help you stay outside longer to enjoy the things you love to do.

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Turtle fur The Hat
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Turtle neck

The famous Turtle neck. The Turtle's Neck® has been dubbed the warmest, softest and most loved cold weather neck warmer of all time. Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and all winter adventures.

This now comes in variations - the Original Turtle neck is the thickest. With two layers of decadent fleece trapping heat in the pocket formed by its two walls. Chelonia 150 Neck - slightly lighter, two layers of a midweight fleece, super soft and comforting. The Turtle Tube - this one's longer and can be worn as a neck, a headband, a hoodscarf many different ways. Then comes the performance necks with shell outer and fleece inner, the bandana's with perforated mouth area to help airflow and the face mask.

Turtle hat

Almost as famous as the Turtle neck - "The Hat" is incredibly soft. When cuffed you are providing your ears with four layers of warmth. A super soft and cosy warm hat. Now there is the beanie and brain shrouds too. Take a look.

Head bands

The bang band is the most popular and is contoured to completely cover your ears from all angles. The design frames your forehead with its two layers of midweight Chelonia 150, allowing for trapped heat to build between the two layers of this soft, lightweight fleece. Other variations of the headband are also available.

Under helmet wear

Shellaclava's were created to give a single breathable layer that sits right under the helmet, attached to a double layer fleece neck. It holds it in place whilst keeping your head and ears warm under the helmet too. See also the Super Lite Beanie in fun prints, the Ear beanie and the plain Performance brain shroud that are thin and breathable enough to be worn as an under helmet liners as well as a hat.

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