Ski Boot Fitting service


We recommend making an appointment for your ski boot fitting.

This is to avoid any disappointment you may experience if you turn up on the day and a boot fitter is not available.

Whilst we will always endeavour to fit you in, a ski boot fitting can take 1 - 1 ½ hours and the only way to guarantee that there is a boot fitter available to spend the time with you is to book this in.

A boot fitter will then be allocated to you to spend the time and attention that is needed for full and thorough ski boot fitting.

How to make an appointment

Telephone: 01245 223563


On-line booking: On-line booking system - click here    (SAME DAY bookings not bookable on-line - please ring)

(NOTE: if there is no availability showing on the on-line system for the time you require, please contact us by one of the other methods so we can check this for you).

We can get very booked up with appointments and the appointment diary is often choc a bloc, so if you need to cancel your appointment please ring giving us as much notice as possible.


Ski boot fitting

The Process

We do not charge for our boot fitting service but we do expect you to be serious about purchasing ski boots.

We expect a boot fitting to take 1 - 1 ½ hours, sometimes it is quicker and sometimes it takes longer. Most of this depends upon you and your feet.

We will ask you about your skiing and your feet

We will initially ask you about how long you have been skiing and the type of skiing you are currently doing so we can gauge your level and skiing preferences. You can also tell us about any previous problems with ski boots, your feet or other past injuries at this point so we can feed this all into the foot assessment and boot selection.

Examine your feet

We will measure and examine your feet and stance, looking not only at foot length but width, volume and calves, also identifying any other dominant features. We will also look at foot shape and arch height for which we may use our Podoscope if we feel necessary and determine the kind of footbed that will benefit you and improve your ski comfort and fit.

Narrow down the selection

As a result we will be trying to match most closely a boot suitable to your skiing ability with one that most closely matches your foot morphology.

Different brands of ski boot and even styles within the brand can favour a different foot shape.

This process usually involves trying on 2 or 3 pairs of boots that we have identified as a good match to find the best fit with feedback from you about the comfort levels and identifying if there are any pressure points or areas that may need further customisation.

Remember everyone's feet are different!


Sidas inner soles Once you have chosen the pair of boots that you are happy with then we will look again at the inner sole options and you will be able to see the difference that a footbed makes to the fitting underfoot.

In a new pair of ski boots there is no support build in underfoot. It would be impossible for manufacturers to add this as everyone's feet and arch shapes are different.

So we need to determine your foot / arch shape and match the footbed specifically to your feet. You may fit a pre-moulded low, medium or high cushioned footbed or you may need us to custom mould one exactly to your requirements.

Putting it all together

Once we have determined the correct footbed, we then need to heat mould your ski boot inner liners and add your footbed. If needed, any other customisation is done at or just before this stage.

A need for further customisation?

Everyone's feet are unique! Sometimes the off-the shelf product will never provide a perfect fit and that's where customisation comes in. You may have very wide feet, a bunion or a tailors bunion, heel spurs or other prominent areas that cause you problems with ski boots.

After findng the ski boots that most closely match your foot morphology if needed we can then adjust the shape of the shell, stretch or modify the liner, align you better in the boots and other modification can be made to give you better comfort and performance.

We have an array of tools and equipment to hand to help with the customisation needed - heat ovens, heat machines, Infrared® Shell Customization Technology, shell stretching equipment, podoscopes, custom moulded insole / footbed apparatus and more.

and finally ..

Finally when all these stages have taken place, we will have a boot you have selected with our help and guidance, heat moulded inners to match your foot and leg shape, in most cases we will also be adding inner soles to match your underfoot shape and give you more support and comfort plus any other customisation that we have completed.

We will check the boots on you one last time to make sure all the boxes are ticked and you are happy with the fit of the ski boots that you have chosen.

Ski boot fitting

What then?

We then encourage you to go ski in your boots.

We won't encourage you to walk around the house in them. Ski boots are meant to be worn in ski position, not walking or standing upright doing the ironing.

If you need any further customisation to improve the comfort of the fit, this can be identified after you have skied in the boots. If need be, any corrective measures or tweaking can be made to improve your fit after you have used the boots. We offer this after sales service free of charge on boots fitted by us in store.

You will need to make a separate appointment for this as soon as possible after using the boots so that anything that you have identified is still fresh in your mind. We would then spend time with you to identify and rectify any comfort issues if any have become apparent.

Our boot fitters

At the Alpine Room, we have been custom fitting ski boots for over 30 year. Our highly experienced boot fitters all have British Ski Boot Association qualifications plus continuous product training from the manufacturers of the various ski boot brands that we stock.

We are constantly adapting and improving our boot fitting methods every year to keep in-line with the new boot technology as it develops.

BSBA logo

 To find out a bit more about the British Ski Boot Association - see the BSBA's website - click here.

Our boot fitters are available to advise and help identify the boots that match your ski ability and foot morphology. They will fit the boots, heat mould the liner also the shell where appropriate. Custom mould or match to your foot shape a footbed / inner sole.

When it is necessary our technicians can also customise the ski boots for a better fit. You may have very wide feet, a bunion or a tailors bunion, heel spurs or other prominent areas that cause you problems with ski boots.

They are able to stretch the shell using a heat oven either on the foot or with stretching tools, or use Infrared® Shell Customization system to mould the shell, modify the liner, align you better in the boots and perform other modifications that will give you better comfort and performance and remedy any problem areas.

Inner soles and heated inner soles

In almost all cases we recommend fitting a footbed / custom insole. The insoles that come with most ski and snowboard boots offer minimal support and none are custom moulded to your feet. We believe that a correctly fitted footbed will improve the fit and comfort of your ski boots.

Why do I need them?

In short - to improve support and comfort. By distributing pressure more evenly over the entire foot they provide support, alleviate pressure points and give you better control. This can help with problems such as cold toes, arch and forefoot cramps and pain in the ball of the foot. They can also align you better helping you gain a more neutral position. They provide cushioning / dampening whilst crossing a variety of terrain.

Footbed options

We offer various footbed options. We will assess your feet and arch height and recommend an appropriate footbed. This might be an off-the shelf, pre-shaped footbed, which can work well when the arch height aligns correctly with your arches giving you enough support, or a custom-moulded footbed that is completely tailored to your feet only.

We will examine and can use our podoscope to help identify your arch type and the best footbed for you. See (image right) Sidas 3 feet chart. Low, medium and high arches and of course there are variations in-between. We stock insoles designed to work with the different foot types giving support and alleviating and helping to prevent the problems that can arise.

Sidas - 3 feet types

Our range of Sidas inner soles includes:

  • Winter + 3D insoles - custom mould
    Winter + 3D insoles are specifically designed for optimum comfort when skiing. To prevent fatigue, give foot support and prevent overheating, protection against injury and stability and edge control. 100% customisable in-store.
  • Winter 3 feet - LOW, MID and HIGH arches
    These insoles provide optimum foot comfort and support. An aluminium film on the forefoot improves insulation against the cold. At the heel, a gel pad provides perfect cushioning. Choose the inner sole that fits to your arch type (high, medium or low).

and other ready to fit accessories are also available.

To make a ski boot fitting appointment please either email us at
or ring the shop on: 01245 223563.

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